And so it Begins

I had fun making this one and remember being excited about finally starting the story, and taking forever trying to get that Inn looking just right. I’m not sure it is right, but hopefully it’s good enough for you to see what I it’s supposed to be :)

Zombies and Tigers and Bears

What do they all have in common? Apart from appearing in countless films and stories, they’re also all simple creatures driven by primal urges and instincts. And what do you do when something’s basic instinct is to try and eat you? You start running, that’s what!

Not long ago I got and tried Zombies! Run, in the hope that turning jogging into a game would make me more likely to do it (not convinced yet but I’ll give it a few more goes). I thought it was a brilliant and innovative twist on a running app, and good fun too. It’s definitely a good distraction, which when I’m jogging is exactly what I need :)

Now there’s something bigger and better for fans of the zombie apocalypse who want to get some pre-apocalypse training in. Real-life Zombies, Run! A 5k race through zombie infested territory complete with obstacles. If you don’t fancy running you can try your hand at being a zombie and chase the runners instead. I am glad there are people in the world who don’t just come up with these crazy ideas, they actually execute them too!