Ask a Silly Question

I’m sure everyone’s got an answer like that at some point. Completely accurate but completely missing the point.

My first app, Doodlemate, is officially over a year old now. I can’t believe it’s gone so quickly but I guess that’s time for you. I’m waiting on the sales figures for July and then will provide a little info on how well / badly it’s done and the process of writing and releasing an app.

No! Comic! Shock!

No comic this week. Not that I’m expecting anyone to have noticed :)

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Creative Shadows world. My first game is storming along nicely and approaching completion. All the major features are in now so its time to update all the graphics, design all the levels/puzzles (still not sure exactly what they’ll class as) and do loads of bug fixing and testing.

Here’s a screenshot, just in case anyone is interested:

Game 1 Level Selection Screen

There’s still some developer art in there (fonts, text colours, etc) so hopefully it’ll be looking even tidier next time you see it.

I’ve also been watching the downloads from my first app, Doodlemate, with interest as it’s first birthday is rapidly approaching. It doesn’t feel like it, but my first little effort at an IPhone app has been out for nearly a year. To mark the occasion I’m planning a write-up on the experience of writing and releasing an app, for any other aspiring developers out there.

The other thing that’s in progress is a series of posts based around the collision detection code used in the game. It’s not doing anything amazing (most of it was Googled and cobbled together) but none of my google searches found a complete solution for bouncing objects of different types off each other so other people might find a working solution useful. Once the game is released (and I know the collision system is working) I’ll start posting about how it works.

With all that said, the only reason there’s no comic is I forgot. This made me actually write a proper post for a change so lets call it a good thing :)

I’ll go schedule the next comic now…

Moving On


Hey, did I mention I spent ages drawing that inn? Yep, definitely glad I got to use it in another comic.