The Subtle Approach

Now, I hope you enjoy the comic. It’s the last one I have in the back catalogue so anything from here on in will actually be new… don’t hold your breath ;)

RIP James

Today is the funeral for James McLaran, so will be spending today with his friends and family remembering him and his life.  Anyone who knows him can leave their memories here, or go to his memorial page on Facebook.

Creative Shadows

Last week saw a round of graphics updates, bug-fixes and improvements in the game. There’s a picture here showing the hard work involved. I wouldn’t say it’s ready yet (I still have to design another 18 levels) but things are moving in the right direction.


Finally, I’m not sure whether game playing is called research or procrastination anymore. Either way, I do like finding the odd fun game to obsess over whenever I get a spare 5 minutes. My latest attention hog is called Gears and Guts, and basically involves driving cars over zombies. And shooting zombies. And cutting zombies in half with chainsaws. And impaling zombies with spikes. What’s not to like? It’s a ‘fremium’ game that looks really well made and plays really well too. I can already see the looming wall in game progression pushing me towards buying upgrades but I’m not quite there yet. As long as you have a good tolerance for re-running levels and splatting zombies you’ll probably be ok. The only gripe is not unexpected, in that it’s a little sluggish and laggy on my old iPhone 3GS. I’m sure it will get repetitive soon, but for now there’s still another chapter to play through so I’m happy :)

RIP James McLaren

A week ago today one of my oldest friends, James McLaren, died in a car crash. He was a passionate fan of the Welsh music scene ever since he started at Cardiff University, and it seems he’s touched the lives of more people than anyone could possibly imagine.

He was an amazing man in life and, for me at least, an inspiring one in death. To see how just how many people he’s helped over the years just by following his passions is a real eyeopener. I wish more people had the courage, conviction and dedication to work on what they truly loved (myself included).

The Journey (almost) Continues

Another week, another badly drawn comic. I’ve nearly run out of my backlog and might actually have to draw a new one soon! *gasp*

In other news, last week was busy with game development tasks as Syd, who has been working on the graphics for my current project, sent through tons of new stuff for me to play with. After a few rounds of bouncing images and screenshots back and forth I’m really excited about how it’s going to look.

Syd is an artist, graphic designer and aspiring BMXer. One of his recent projects was creating the art for the Jackamo Brown – Oh No The Drift Of The World CD packaging, which is the first release on Scroobius Pip’s record label Speech Developments (not cribbing from his blog post there, no sir!) Go check out the artwork :)

Heres a (much simpler) image from Syd which is just one of the many that have been flying around over the last few weeks, can you see what it is yet?

A set of red balloons.