Lip Fuzz Linked to Development Progress

Growing a moustache has managed to take up a surprising amount of time over the last few weeks (go sponsor me at However, as my tache has got longer, so too has progress on the game improved. This indicates that moustache length is directly and officially linked to game development productivity and progress. Obviously…

A large chunk of the in-game graphics are now finished and the rest will hopefully get sorted out this week. The user interface has been cut back and simplified so that it’s easier to make pretty again once the in-game graphics are sorted too. A few new animations and effects have gone in as well which, while only small changes, make a nice difference to the overall gameplay.

On the software side of things the game is pretty much done. I even managed to review all of the code and tidy things up, as a sort of pre-release cleanup, and re-run the analytics and profiling tools to check things are ticking over nicely. Apparently the only memory leaks left are due to problems in IOS 6, which is nice to know, and it still runs fine on my old IPhone 3GS despite the new features, so it looks like performance won’t be a problem :D

So what’s next? Graphics, user interface and graphics, mostly. And little things like IPhone 5 support and tidying up the credits screen (found in the hidden options area of the game) and generally play testing as much as possible (it’s a hard life). The idea now is to fix up anything that doesn’t look right or that looks like it needs a bit of polish.

Whatever state the user interface is in I’m planning to release the app early in December so it has a chance to make it onto the app store before Christmas. I don’t know much about marketing and selling, but I instinctively think having the game available over the Christmas holidays can only be a good thing :)

For now, though, it’s back to considering my Mo and figuring out how to make a dragon breath fire.

I Learned Something Today

I now know two things that I didn’t know last week. Well, actually I know a lot of things I didn’t know last week like “My Moustache hair doesn’t grow as fast as my chin hair seems to grow” and that sparring in Tae Kwon Do is pretty fun, but those aren’t what I’m aiming at.

Firstly, drawing penguins and ninja stickmen along with planning their battle is really good fun.

Secondly, drawing penguins and ninja stickmen along with planning their battle takes longer than I thought.

(Reading between the lines there, you might realise that progress on my game was slow last week. Maybe. Of course, you’re just guessing and I’m not saying)

So the plan for this week is more drawing, more interface re-designs, getting more graphics sorted and generally pushing the game another few steps towards completion. And Assassins Creed III. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to say I did all those things, and not just the Assassins Creed bit :)

Movember Begins

Movember begins, raising awareness (and maybe even some money) for men’s health. Men aren’t very healthy, so we need all the help we can get! After seeing other people do it last year I thought I’d give it a go and see how silly I look with a moustache. If you’re interested in finding out more about it, or fancy sponsoring me, then here’s my Mo Space page. I’d like to go for the mexican, but not sure a month will be enough :{)

This week I decided that instead of taking a couple of photo’s throughout the month to document my progress I’d try taking one each day. From there it was only a short jump to having something changing behind me in each photo. I eventually settled on resurrecting my old badly drawn penguin comic. This is a work in progress so hopefully it’ll get tweaked as the month goes on and I’ll keep on top of the daily updates. Just don’t expect my drawing to improve!

Enjoy! Hopefully there’ll be another one tomorrow.