Aeolus Updated

Hopefully the last week hasn’t been too painful for anyone. The combination of Christmas and New Year withdrawal symptoms along with going back to work is a shock to anyone’s system. With luck you all have enough supplies of Christmas chocolate to make it through ;)

It’s been an exciting weekend on the games development front (for me at least).

The first update for Aeolus became available this morning, so go update your copy and see some shiny looking effects when you get a new balloon level (gold, silver or bronze). There’s also a few other little bug fixes in there which hopefully you won’t have spotted and, in theory, never will :)

A free version of Aeolus was submitted to the app store yesterday too. This should, with a little luck, be available by the weekend. It’s 9 levels from the full version spread over the first 3 chapters, which should be enough to give people a taste of the game and the different chapters and levels. I hope.

There’s also been some progress on the marketing side of things. I’m preparing for a push in this area when the free version is released, and am hoping the combination is enough to kick-start some sales and visibility. Lots of reading / learning involved. It’s a fascinating area of business but one I’ve never had to look at before, let alone work with. If anyone has any advice, suggestions or contacts to offer I’d be more than happy to hear them!

Next up on the game dev front is to turn the game into an universal app so it can run on an iPad or iPad mini. This will either be really quick (it’s easy, everything looks ok on the larger screen, etc) or really slow (need to re-do the layout for every level and get new graphics). Either way, I won’t know for sure until I start it.

Right, back to ignoring the New Year resolutions.