Aeolus Updated

Hopefully the last week hasn’t been too painful for anyone. The combination of Christmas and New Year withdrawal symptoms along with going back to work is a shock to anyone’s system. With luck you all have enough supplies of Christmas chocolate to make it through ;)

It’s been an exciting weekend on the games development front (for me at least).

The first update for Aeolus became available this morning, so go update your copy and see some shiny looking effects when you get a new balloon level (gold, silver or bronze). There’s also a few other little bug fixes in there which hopefully you won’t have spotted and, in theory, never will :)

A free version of Aeolus was submitted to the app store yesterday too. This should, with a little luck, be available by the weekend. It’s 9 levels from the full version spread over the first 3 chapters, which should be enough to give people a taste of the game and the different chapters and levels. I hope.

There’s also been some progress on the marketing side of things. I’m preparing for a push in this area when the free version is released, and am hoping the combination is enough to kick-start some sales and visibility. Lots of reading / learning involved. It’s a fascinating area of business but one I’ve never had to look at before, let alone work with. If anyone has any advice, suggestions or contacts to offer I’d be more than happy to hear them!

Next up on the game dev front is to turn the game into an universal app so it can run on an iPad or iPad mini. This will either be really quick (it’s easy, everything looks ok on the larger screen, etc) or really slow (need to re-do the layout for every level and get new graphics). Either way, I won’t know for sure until I start it.

Right, back to ignoring the New Year resolutions.

Merry Christmas!

Congratulations to everyone for surviving 2012, hope it’s been a good year for you all.

I’ll be returning in the new year with lots of updates for Doodlemate and Aeolus, a few comics and maybe even some blog posts to look forward to. Until then, have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year :)


Aeolus Released

My first game – Aeolus – was released last week :)

Aeolus – Greek God of Winds. You play the god of winds, amusing yourself with the mortals who venture into your domain. Yes, for some reason I believe every game has to have a story behind it (no matter how tenuous) :)

It’s an iPhone game that involves guiding hot air balloons to landing pads using swipes and taps. The simple gameplay makes it easy to get started and get through the levels. Getting the high scores is not so easy, with obstacles and different balloon types getting in the way.

It’s been over a year in development (for various reasons that include procrastination, too much XBox and a day job). I’ve got to admit I’ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot by doing it. A lot of the game has changed since the beginning too. Many of my original ideas about the gameplay, the look and the feel of the game have been cast aside along the way. Some were a bit painful to see go, others simply got left behind as the game developed and they no longer fit.

The result of this trimming and re-design is actually a really good game. If that sentence sounds like I’m a little surprised it’s simply because this is the first game I’ve ever done. My efforts have been to make something that I found fun, and make it to the sort of coding standards that I’m used to at work. I was also lucky enough to team up with a graphic designer friend of mine. Thanks to him my original developer art has largely been replaced by good looking graphics that are a world better than I could do and really give it a professional finish.

The big question is, of course: How did it do?
The answer is, equally of course: Good (as I’ve actually released my first game) but not great – sales were in double digits on the first day and have fallen since.

While my dreams of writing the next big thing in the iPhone world may be slightly tarnished, I can’t say I’m that surprised. I’ve already researched how these things work and know it is competitive, and it can be very difficult to get your app seen long enough to build lasting sales. Fortunately, this wasn’t a fire-and-forget plan. To-date I’ve only received positive feedback from people who have tried it, which means I’m pretty sure the game is actually pretty fun and addictive. I also have many ideas for new levels, updates, additions and improvements that will continue to improve the quality and quantity of the game. Rather than feeling disheartened, I’m actually feeling more motivated.

However, this is also uncharted territory. As a developer and project manager I’ve never had to do any sales, marketing or advertising so this is all new to me. So… if you have any advice, links or help on the marketing and advertising side of things (or personal anecdotes, ancient wisdom, prophecies, spells, voodoo or snake oil) I’d be grateful :)

If you like your non-violent arcady, puzzly, simulationy, strategy type games (still not sure quite how to class it) then please check it out and let me know what you think.

Game Update – Aeolus

It’s been a very (very) long time since I decided to write a quick and simple game to get to grips with iPhone game development. I’m pretty sure there’s a lesson right there, but lets gloss over that for now ;)

After a rather intense last few weeks and some incredibly late nights from both Syd Emmery, working on the graphics, and myself, working on the programming, it was submitted to Apples app store on Sunday night. Now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that it gets reviewed and released in time for Christmas. Why Christmas? Well, apart from being potentially a really good sales period (shiny new Apple toys and kids with loads of time on their hands) I had promised myself I’d get the game done this year. This explains the last minute development rush: the app store is on hold from 21st December to 28th December (no new games or updates in that time) and reviewing can take anywhere up to 14 days. At the moment, the average review time seems to be 6-7 days so unless it gets rejected for any reason we should have scraped in with days to spare.

What Is It?


Loading graphics for Aeolus

For those of you not putting up with me waffling about it for the last year or so, the game is called Aeolus (after Aeolus, Greek God of Winds). You use your powers to push hot air balloons around the screen and try to land them all safely on the handy landing pads provided. Why? Maybe Aeolus doesn’t like the human invaders to his realm. More likely though is he’s bored and just passing time harassing the poor mortals on a Sunday afternoon.

Whatever the reasons for pushing the balloons around, it turns out the game concept is pretty fun and slightly addictive. I got the basic gameplay up and running fairly quickly at the beginning of the year and got various people to try it out. This is always risky as you have to expect a polite “I’ll try it because you’re my friend and tell you it’s good” response. In most cases I found they’d been playing it for 10+ minutes and I had to ask for my phone back. While I knew I liked it, I wasn’t expecting other people to enjoy it as much as they seemed to be. It was especially fun hearing them cursing a difficult level without looking up from the screen or handing the phone back! Thank you to all those people, by the way, that really did help motivate me through the long development process :)

Sneak Preview

I thought I’d drop a few screenshots of the different levels and screens so people can see what I’m talking about. I also really love all the graphics that Syd has produced over the last 6 months or so and want to show them off!

Home Screen

The Home Screen

This is the home screen and probably one of the simplest (for a reason). You’re basically playing that little guy in the corner. There’s a few things animating here but, unless your in the list of testers and helpers, it’s probably not that interesting for you.

Chapter Select

Chapter Selection

On release there will be four chapters, two based in the meadows and two based in the desert. Lets just say these graphics blow my original developer art / design way out of the water. Every so often you get reminded me why you use experts: because they can do in a few hours what might take me days (if I ever get there) to produce. When I got these I suddenly realised my game was actually going to be looking quite professional :)

Level Select

Level Selection

Each chapter has 9 levels. There was an original reason for this number, which has been lost in the mists of development changes. As you can see, you need to unlock chapters and levels in sequence and there’s a bronze, silver and gold balloon awarded for each level. In most cases you can unlock the next level fairly easily (bronze balloon), though you need a perfect score for a gold balloon.

Next up are a the screenshots I’m currently using on the app store showing a example levels from the chapters.

chapter 1-small

Chapter 1

chapter 2-small

Chapter 2

chapter 3-small

Chapter 3

chapter 4-small

Chapter 4

As you can see, there’s a variety of obstacles and objects across the different chapters to keep things interesting. At least that’s the plan.

Paused Screen

Paused Screen

Finished Screen

Finished Screen

The last two screen to show off are the paused and finished screens. They are, also, a lot better looking than the versions I came up with. The paused screen doesn’t need to do much apart from provide the options, but the finished screen has a few animations going on as you get better scores that I’m quite happy with.


There you go, a quick look round Aeolus, the game I’ve been writing for over a year. I’ve already got several little improvements and features I want to add which didn’t quite make the first cut, as well as at least another 4 chapters planned. For now, though, it’s back to keeping my fingers crossed and, hopefully, relaxing over Christmas for a couple of weeks.

Actually, I’ve got another game idea that should be really quick and simple to do like this one was. Think I might start that over the holiday… ;)

How to Replace an Image in Xcode

I’ve been playing with a lot of graphics in Xcode over the last few weeks and had a lot of trouble replacing images when not changing the file name. It can be pretty frustrating, for example, when resizing images to have Xcode refuse to show the new size. For some reason it keeps the old version of the image no matter how many times I delete and re-add it, or clean and rebuild the project.

I hit on the following sequence that works every time to replace images:

  1. Delete the original image version from within Xcode. Trash it. (Make sure you have the new version of your image available outside the project area first, of course…)
  2. Clean the project.
  3. Quit Xcode completely and restart.
  4. Copy the new file with the same name back into the project area.
  5. Re-add the file.

It might not be quick, but it’s worked every time for me so far. Given that other strategies for clearing things involve digging through files to find the project installation on the simulator to delete (and I can never remember where that is), this at least seems fairly simple and straight forward.

Hope it helps.

Lip Fuzz Linked to Development Progress

Growing a moustache has managed to take up a surprising amount of time over the last few weeks (go sponsor me at However, as my tache has got longer, so too has progress on the game improved. This indicates that moustache length is directly and officially linked to game development productivity and progress. Obviously…

A large chunk of the in-game graphics are now finished and the rest will hopefully get sorted out this week. The user interface has been cut back and simplified so that it’s easier to make pretty again once the in-game graphics are sorted too. A few new animations and effects have gone in as well which, while only small changes, make a nice difference to the overall gameplay.

On the software side of things the game is pretty much done. I even managed to review all of the code and tidy things up, as a sort of pre-release cleanup, and re-run the analytics and profiling tools to check things are ticking over nicely. Apparently the only memory leaks left are due to problems in IOS 6, which is nice to know, and it still runs fine on my old IPhone 3GS despite the new features, so it looks like performance won’t be a problem :D

So what’s next? Graphics, user interface and graphics, mostly. And little things like IPhone 5 support and tidying up the credits screen (found in the hidden options area of the game) and generally play testing as much as possible (it’s a hard life). The idea now is to fix up anything that doesn’t look right or that looks like it needs a bit of polish.

Whatever state the user interface is in I’m planning to release the app early in December so it has a chance to make it onto the app store before Christmas. I don’t know much about marketing and selling, but I instinctively think having the game available over the Christmas holidays can only be a good thing :)

For now, though, it’s back to considering my Mo and figuring out how to make a dragon breath fire.

I Learned Something Today

I now know two things that I didn’t know last week. Well, actually I know a lot of things I didn’t know last week like “My Moustache hair doesn’t grow as fast as my chin hair seems to grow” and that sparring in Tae Kwon Do is pretty fun, but those aren’t what I’m aiming at.

Firstly, drawing penguins and ninja stickmen along with planning their battle is really good fun.

Secondly, drawing penguins and ninja stickmen along with planning their battle takes longer than I thought.

(Reading between the lines there, you might realise that progress on my game was slow last week. Maybe. Of course, you’re just guessing and I’m not saying)

So the plan for this week is more drawing, more interface re-designs, getting more graphics sorted and generally pushing the game another few steps towards completion. And Assassins Creed III. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to say I did all those things, and not just the Assassins Creed bit :)

Movember Begins

Movember begins, raising awareness (and maybe even some money) for men’s health. Men aren’t very healthy, so we need all the help we can get! After seeing other people do it last year I thought I’d give it a go and see how silly I look with a moustache. If you’re interested in finding out more about it, or fancy sponsoring me, then here’s my Mo Space page. I’d like to go for the mexican, but not sure a month will be enough :{)

This week I decided that instead of taking a couple of photo’s throughout the month to document my progress I’d try taking one each day. From there it was only a short jump to having something changing behind me in each photo. I eventually settled on resurrecting my old badly drawn penguin comic. This is a work in progress so hopefully it’ll get tweaked as the month goes on and I’ll keep on top of the daily updates. Just don’t expect my drawing to improve!

Enjoy! Hopefully there’ll be another one tomorrow.

Ready for Movember?

Two weeks ago I met Syd to talk about some new graphics. He suggested that when things hit the trees we’d just added they should shed some leaves. Obvious, right? Yep! Which means I’ve spent the last week adding leaf scattering on impact and, I’ve got to admit, it looks amazing. Thanks Syd! :)

Last week was also pretty exciting as it’s involved a lot of Tae Kwon Do training, practice and learning theory ready for grading. I went for the Green Tag belt on Thursday and found out Sunday that I’ve passed :D Time to start learning everything for the next belt now.

This week is going to be an interesting one for several reasons. Firstly, I’m redesigning all the game screens. The game play is pretty much sorted now so it’s time to show the user interface some love and tidy things up in preperation for release. Currently the screens are functional but they’re not great, so I’m going to be playing with different layouts and colours until I find something that really fits the style of the game. I’ll post a few screenshots at some point so you can see what I’m talking about.

Secondly, Movember starts this week. While I often turn to the beardy side, I haven’t done the whole lip-slug look before, mainly because I thought I’d look silly. Now, I don’t mind looking or being silly but if I’m going to do it then it better be for a damn good reason (like making people laugh or for free drinks). I figure promoting men’s health is a good enough reason :)

Click the link, read the rules and join in.

Progress and Trees

Good news on the game front, the core software development is pretty much done. The next few weeks are going to focus on improving the in-game graphics and the user interface, as well as yet more rounds of testing and bug fixing. With a bit of luck I’m looking at submitting things to the iPhone app store by mid November which, with a bit more luck, means it should be up for sale in plenty of time for Christmas!

Now I’m going to go play the halloween versions of the games on my iPhone. All in the name of research, you understand. I need update ideas for next year ;)

Until then, here’s a screenshot to keep you going. Look, actual graphics in there – Trees! Still a work in progress but it’s much better than my green splodges :)